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Pocket GuitarRef 1.0

Pocket GuitarRef 1.0

Pocket GuitarRef Publisher's Description

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Pocket Guitar Ref provides a comprehensive reference for chords, scales and modes.  It also provides the ability to add and organize your favorite chords, scales and modes. There's even a chord discovery mode, in which you can tap on the fretboard for different notes and it will discover and display the chord name.

Includes the most common tunings for guitar. They are:

Name String Notes Standard E EADGBE Open E EBEG#BE E Minor EBEGBE Standard Eb EbAbDbGbBbEb Open A EAEAC#E Standard D DGCFAD Open D DADF#AD Standard Db DbGbBEAbDb Open G DGDGBD Standard C CFBbEbGC G6th DGDGBE Standard B BEADF#B G Wahine DGDF#BD Drop D DADGBE G Major GBDGBD Double Drop D DADGBD Open C CGCGCE D6th DADF#BD C6th CACGCE D6/9 DADF#BE C6th Mauna Loa CGCGAE D Suspended DADGAD Cmaj7/9 CGDGBE Drop Db DbAbDbGbBbEb Cmaj7 (Gabby) CGEGBE C6/9 (Crafty) CGDAEG Cyril C CGEGCE Chords

There are 36 chords in each key available. They are listed chromatically in the chord drop list when in Chord Plotter mode. The chords available are:

Major Major Suspended Fourth Flat Fifth Major Add Ninth Fifth Minor Augmented Diminished Major Sixth Sixth Add Ninth Minor Sixth Add Ninth Minor Sixth Seventh Seventh Suspended Fourth Minor Seventh Minor Seventh Flat Fifth Seventh Augmented Fifth Seventh Flat Fifth Major Seventh Major Seventh Flat Fifth Minor Major Seventh Seventh Flat Ninth Seventh Augmented Ninth Seventh Flat Ninth Augmented Fifth Minor Ninth Ninth Ninth Augmented Fifth Ninth Flat Fifth Major Ninth Ninth Augmented Eleventh Minor Ninth Major Seventh Eleventh Minor Eleventh Thirteenth Thirteenth Flat Ninth Thirteenth Flat Ninth Flat Fifth

There are 9 scale types available:

Blues Diminished Minor Diatonic Minor Harmonic Minor Melodic Minor Pentatonic Major Diatonic Major Pentatonic Whole Tone Modes Aeolian Dorian Ionian Locrian Lydian Mixolydian Phrygian

Stay tuned as there is a sound and tuner update coming VERY shortly. Visit the pdainitiative website to try out the current beta!

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